Best of 2010: Professor Wolff on Grit TV

Finishing up our Best of 2010, we look at our still-broken economy, and get some ideas for fixing it.

"People are still looking at and facing too much pain," says Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who joined Bernie Sanders for part of his eight and a half hour speech against giving tax breaks to millionaires. Brown notes that while the compromise which eventually passed gives some short-term help to American workers, but that the economy will not begin to really recover until Washington turns its focus to jobs--and not just any jobs, but reinvigorated manufacturing jobs.

Senator Brown joins us from Washington via Skype to discuss what he sees as the most important priorities for a shrunken Democratic majority in the Senate in the next session of Congress, and particularly why a focus on our trade policy is  long overdue.

"The American people were pioneers again, not by going west but by going into debt," says economist Rick Wolff of the last 30 years of our economy. While wages stayed low and infrastructure, education and energy investments bottomed out, Americans leveraged everything on credit cards and loans to keep afloat. And now, despite record Wall Street bonuses and holiday shopping, the economy is still built on fundamental flaws.

Rick Wolff and Jeff Madrick join us in studio for a year-end conversation about the economy--looking forward to 2011, what can we expect? And more importantly, what will it take to really change the shaky foundations on which our economy rests?

And finally, John Fugelsang just wants to take a moment to wish ‘happy holidays’ to all our friends angry about the ‘war on Christmas.’

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