University of Massachusets Online Course


This summer (2011) the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Economics ( will offer, for the first time, an online course in Marxian Economics (Econ 305). Professor Stephen Resnick will teach this course which he prepared based on the popular undergraduate course in Marxian Economics that was developed by Professor Resnick together with Professor Richard Wolff and taught by both of them over the last 25 years.

This course addresses the central themes of Marxian social theory and economics: an understanding of the class process as the organization of surplus value; an analysis of the relationship between class and non-class processes using the concept of overdetermination; the epistemological foundations of Marxian theory (including a discussion of empiricism, rationalism, and dialectics); and other topics. The course ends with application of Marxian concepts to understand the stress and strain of US capitalism over the last four decades. 

The entire video course is made available here for visitors to this website: The video below will play continuously and you can pause and restart it at your convenience. Visitors interested in receiving course credit can enroll for either Summer Session (June 7-July 12 or July 13-August 16) by to enroll or email any questions to:

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