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We appreciate your interest in possibly carrying our ground breaking one-hour weekly radio program, “Economic Update,” free of charge for Pacifica affiliates. Hosted by Economist and Professor Richard D. Wolff, he and guests examine the current state of the economy, both locally and globally, in relation to the economic crisis. The program focuses on what’s behind the movements of wages and jobs, deficits, debts and interest rates, and prices and profits. The point is to explain why some economic changes are happening and others get postponed or blocked. Nor do we shy away from considering alternative ways to organize enterprises, markets, and government policies. “Economic Update” is a weekly show for people who want to understand and change not only their own financial situation but also the larger economy we all depend on.

“Economic Update” broadcasts Saturdays from 12-1pm at WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio in New York City (also carried live then at Broadcasts are supported in part by A growing audience is responding to Professor Wolff’s clear, sharp, and often humorous explanations about a key factor shaping people’s lives right now - the economy. Beyond growing your audience, Professor Wolff has been a proven asset in raising funds for stations.

Wolff’s work, including “Economic Update” programs, his DVD and book entitled Capitalism Hits the Fan, and videos of various talks to audiences for KPFA in California or students at the New School University in New York, have all been successfully used as premiums to raise funds for their radio stations. You can find outlets such as Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now!”, Mitch Jeserich’s “Letters and Politics” on KPFA, and repeatedly using Professor Wolff’s economic analysis to raise funds.
Following, you will find more details about the program and links to clips of the program, full shows, and related websites. An extensive archive of our show is available from our website and from the Pacifica AudioPort. Stations that carry our program will be linked on our popular website, which regularly receives over 10,000 visitors each week.
Let us know if you are interested in carrying our program. You can contact me anytime for more information or with questions about our program.
Jen Hill
Democracy at Work | 347-330-2670 |

News, Topics, Guests, and Q&A

Each program is divided in to 4 sections.  (1) Professor Wolff looks at recent hot news stories through an economic lens. (2) A main topic is then analyzed by Professor Wolff alone or with a guest. (3) A spotlight on an enterprise that is directed by it's workers. (4) Question and answer from listeners who have written in to the program.
Below is a sampling of each from recent shows.

News Updates

US political donations by the wealthy
the sequester
austerity in Greece
Europe horsemeat scandal
the fiscal cliff
Apple's Chinese factories
declining US union membership
rising health plan costs
top bank executives' pay and bonuses
Johnson and Johnson marketing psychotropic drugs
bankruptcy of Jefferson County, Alabama
data for income of top 1%
low US tax burden relative to other countries
"the markets" as fake causes of layoffs and austerity
China's tariffs on US autos
European and US bank regulations
corruption scandals at Wachovia Bank and MF Global Brokerage

Main Topics

trickle up" vs "trickle down" economics
Obama's export promotion strategy
dependence of private capitalist business on state supports
the capitalist/socialism difference
why there is plenty of money now for needed public services
public enterprises in US and especially community owned-power companies
Occupy Wall Street
anylsis of three alternative economic theories - neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian
how to improve Social Security's finances
movement toward "socialized capital" and worker owned and directed enterprises
Detroit's economic decline as emblem of US capitalist development
the expanding pornography industry and its impact
ecology and economics
growing inequalities of income and of wealth in the US: causes and implications


Chris Hedges
Cornel West, upcoming guest in 2013
Matt Renner, and Occupier
Professor Gar Alperovitz
Psychotherapist Tess Fraad-Wolff
Professor Immanuel Ness
Victor Wallis


Worker Self-Directed Enterprises

Union Cab Co.

New Era Windows
South Mountian Company



horrific job conditions in Hollywood
new capital gains taxes
women holding families together
differences among kinds of coop
Social Security finances

Economic Update Sample Clips


Track 1

General introduction to each show. (Jan 14th 00:00 – 02:56)

Track 2

News update on Apple's production in Chinese factories

Track 3

Interview with Professor Gar Alperovitz on US economic decline and movement toward “socialized capital” and worker-owned and directed enterprises.


Track 4

Spotlight on Just Crust near Harvard

Track 5

Response to listener's questions about Germany's role in Europe's economy, workers' self-directed enterprises and Ron Paul's economic proposals.

Track 6

Explaining the Federal Reserve




In the month of April 2012 (the last time we were able to aquire stats from WBAI) there were 1,769 plays of Economic Update from the WBAI archives. The total for Democracy Now was 2,240. April shows were listened to another 3,721 times that month on

Since the first time we began recorded these stats in August of 2011, the number of online listeners at 12:45 has increased by 197% (from 143 to 282)

We record the number of online listeners at every 15 minutes from 15 minutes before air time until 30 minutes prior to the show's end time (11:45 – 12:30)
 receives an average of 11,000 visitors each week

The program is emailed to 300,000 people on's listserv each week

2,290 people listen to each program the in the week following on

It is unknown how many people listen to each program on and WBAI online archives.



Paul Harris - "From Fox to Occupy, it seems everyone wants to hear what American Marxist Richard Wolff has to say about economics" - The Guardian, April 19, 2012. Full Article Here

Cornel West - “My brother, Rick Wolff, the most progressive and sophisticated economist who loves poor and working people. I hope you all follow him on WBAI at 12 o'clock on Saturdays every week to get the analysis of global capitalism and how in fact we fundamentally transform it.” - Riverside Church, Jan 22, 2012.


Current Affiliates:

KPFA 94.1
Berkeley, CA

Fridays at 10am PT

KRFP-LP 92.5
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KYDS 91.5
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Mondays at 2pm PT

No Lies Radio

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PRN online

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WMNF 88.5
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WRFI 91.9, WINO 89.9, 88.1
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Tuesdays at 12pm ET

92.9 River
Lismore, Australia

Wednesdays at 7am




Professor Wolff's Bio:

Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the New School University in New York. Wolff is the author of many books, includingDemocracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism, and Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It. He hosts the weekly hour-long radio program Economic Update on WBAI (Pacifica Radio) and writes regularly for The Guardian,, and the MRZine. His appearances include the Charlie Rose Show, Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera English, Thom Hartmann, RT-TV, and NPR. His personal work can be found at Wolff lives in New York with his wife and frequent collaborate, Dr. Harriet Fraad.